I do use gmail and google maps but I had never used it to “shop”, very helpful. Now that I know it is there I am sure I will use it in the (near) future! I also liked the additional tips, using ~ to get more results similar to what had been requested is so cool!

Thanks for all of your hard work putting this together, I really appreciate all that I have learned.



I had no idea that the library offered this service in such an easy format. I have used live chat with different businesses (like my cell phone provider) and I like the convenience, but the Ask Away site is a much better format and so simple to find on the website! 🙂


It was helpful to be able to email the transcript of my conversation to myself so that I could use the information that the librarian offered on a repeated basis. I had asked about appropriate reading materials for 5th graders to read in their spare time. She made sure that our library had NoveList Plus and proceeded to tell me a little about it’s usage. Very helpful and a wonderful reference tool.

I am not a big fan of IM abbreviations-I feel like IM is impersonal enough as it is, but I do use happy faces and hearts <3, :), :(.


Podcasts and me


Well, I listened to the podcast from Garrison Keillor. What a wonderful voice that man has, so soothing. It was interesting to learn about podcasting I really though it was just for Ipods. Thanks for the opportunity.


I do not think that I would use them too often, but you must keep in mind a rarely listen to books on tape. I am a much more visual person. I could see where they could be used as a good teaching tool as long as the student has some sort of media player!

I used the hertiagequest data base and found out many things that could possibly be true. Some may create quite a scandal in the family…I will have to contact the cousins! It was very easy to use and print from. I used Control+P to print, it seemed to work better for me because I could minimize the margins.

Adding a video



The videos were very easy to get to and to add. I did have to print out the Great8 instruction page to follow the instructions, for some reason I was not able to use the back button to get back to the wordpress page after I copied the video. I must say I laughed out loud and now get why people watch these things!

Hi! It is very nice to have the opportunity to share pictures with a large amount of people. I did have a hard time setting up the API Endpoint but I think it is mostly because I did not get the idea that it had to go directly into a blog as opposed to just my account.Lots of fun!

Three Dog Road Trip

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Here I am with 2 of my best friends on a road trip. Don’t worry, we had a designated driver!